Open Call

Screen Recording
Video Art

march 30 2019

Send us your contribution to casting-screens(at)


The upcoming platform “Casting Screens” is an initiative by Klasse Digitale Grafik of HFBK Hamburg and serves as a digital exhibition space of artistic screencasts – the form of video documentation for our digital lives. This platform investigates multiple questions:

  • How do artists process and explore digital culture through screen recordings?
  • What is the role and relevance of screencasts as an artistic medium for the depiction of digital culture?
  • In which ways is this relatively young medium being used artistically?

The platform merges the digital exhibition of works of art and theoretical text contributions, which deal with our field of research and the issues mentioned above. For the digital exhibition we are now calling for your screencast-related artistic video piece that explores screen culture and takes place in the digital realm.

  • What is “Screen Recording Video Art”? What is a screencast?

    A screencast is a digital recording of a computer or mobile device screen output. Comparing to screenshots, which capture one single moment of what is displayed on a screen, screencasts document what is happening on screen over a period of time as a moving image. A well known usage of screencastings are software tutorials for instance.
    On our platform we are aiming to see how this medium can be and is being used artistically. Besides the most common uses of screencasts, what aspects of our digital lifes find artists important to capture?

  • How can I can I participate and contribute a video?

    Send us your screencast(s) as a link or a mp4 to moc.kifarg-elatigid@sneercs-gnitsac. Optionally you can include a short text about your work and a link to your website/instagram etc.

  • How are video contributions selected for the exhibition?

    To assure a certain quality and also diversity of the website, we claim the right to make a selection of what contributions will actually be shown in the exhibition section. However the number of selected artworks is not limited or predefined.

  • How and for how long will the selected videos be used and exhibited?

    The selected works will only be shown in the digital exhibition section of the platform They will not be passed to any third parties. Currently there is no time limit planned for the platform being online.

  • Who is behind “Casting Screens”?

    Initiated by Christoph Knoth and Konrad Renner, Professors of Klasse Digitale Grafik at HfbK and supported by Hamburg Open Online University, the platform was realised by Benedikt Rottstegge, Cora Kehren, Jens Schnitzler and Marco Wesche, all students of Klasse Digitale Grafik.

  • What other artists will be curated in the “Casting Screens” digital exhibition?

    So far we’re happy to soon show pieces of art by: , Evan Bech, Jaakko Pallasvuo, Katharina Merten, Molly Soda, Monique Baier